FAQ: Zed

What age range is Zed suitable for?
Zed can be used from birth onwards. It has been safety tested to meet the toy safety standards for 0-36 months. It is also calming to older children and to adults.
Does Zed work on any type of mattress?
Yes, it sends calming vibrations throughout all types of mattresses, including sprung, memory foam, and natural fiber mattresses.
What is the best position for Zed?
Zed should be placed at the foot end of the mattress. It does not need to be close to your baby because the vibrations travel through the surface of the mattress. It can also be placed on the side of the mattress (please note the battery life will be reduced if not used horizontally).
Why are there 6 different vibration modes?
There are several speeds to choose from, so you can find the one that works the best for your baby's mattress. Modes 1-3 are static speeds that go from slow to fast. Slower speeds are usually the most effective as low-frequency vibrations penetrate further through the mattress - test it out and see what your baby responds to. 4-6 are variable speed modes that emulate acceleration and deceleration, as well as the rumble of tires as they move along the roads. ZED times out after an hour of use, after which a single press switches it back to the last mode used.
Can I set the night light to stay on all night?
Sure. The first three presses of the night light button change the light levels, and the light remains on for one hour. After the fourth press, indicated by two flashes of the light, the light level is set to low and stays on for 12 hours. When the light goes out, a single press will bring up the most recently selected mode.
Is Zed splashproof?
If your child has an accident, Zed is safe because it has been tested to IPX4 standards!
Can I clean Zed?
Zed can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Never submerge in water.
Does Zed generate white noise?
No. As Zed has no loudspeakers, it generates soothing sounds via vibrations passing through the mattress.
Does Zed switch off automatically?
After an hour, the vibrations always gently fade-out. The goal is to get past the 45 minute sleep cycle and into the next cycle and a deeper sleep. This will help extend naps, nighttime sleep, and ease the transition to a bed. After an hour (or 12 hours in all-night mode) the night light turns off.
What is the battery life for Zed?
With one set of batteries, Zed can run for up to 50 hours. We recommend using high quality alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is best to avoid Zinc batteries - make sure your batteries are suitable for "high drain" applications.
The light is working but the vibrations are not working any more.
Powered by a single LED, the light uses a tiny amount of power. Since the vibration motors require more power to start, if the batteries are low, the motors will shut down first, but the light will continue to operate. Try using new batteries or freshly charged batteries. If this does not work, please contact us or your local distributor.
Is there a manufacture warranty?
Yes, there is a 6-month warranty against manufacture defects.