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FAQ: Whoosh

What age range is Wooshh suitable for?
Wooshh is suitable from birth onwards, but should always be placed well out of reach of the baby / child. This is a great product for children and adults alike. Our intention was to design the set of sounds to include sounds that are also pleasing to adults - the purring cat, ambient music, water and rain sounds in particular. The worst thing you can hear all night is the same looped nursery rhyme! Furthermore, we invested extra to upgrade the sound chip to near CD quality, eliminating the harsh digital distortions common in cheaper sound machines.
How do I select one of the 8 sounds?
A short press of the button allows you to scroll through all the sounds until you find the one you want.
How do I change the volume level?
There are four volume levels on Wooshh, and you can scroll through them by holding the button down (long press). Release the button to set the desired volume. If you will be setting the volume, it is best to use a constant sound, such as the rain sound. This will help you hear each change clearly. The volume level will be saved until the next time the device is recharged. At the end of the charging process, the device will be set to its lowest level. In order to maximize battery life, we recommend setting the volume at the lowest setting whenever possible.
How do I turn Wooshh off?
Wooshh can be turned off with a quick double-press. It can also be turned off with a single press when on the final sound (ambient music). The device will automatically turn off after one hour (normal mode) or after ten hours (all night mode).
Can I set Wooshh to stay on all night?
You certainly can! With a double press, you can turn on Wooshh for 10 hours. A beep indicates that all-night mode has been selected. If you are using the all-night mode, use the lowest volume setting to reduce exposure to noise and improve battery life.
Can I clean Wooshh?
Definitely. The Wooshh can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.
Can I attach Wooshh to my baby’s cot / crib or to their clothing or bedding?
No. There are small parts in this product, and it should always be kept out of the reach of children. Never place or attach the product to a cot, crib, or bed.
Is there a manufacture warranty?
Yes, there is a 6-month warranty against manufacture defects.