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FAQ: Rockit

How does the Rockit fit to a stroller?
Every Rockit comes with a universal bracket. Depending on your needs, this can be permanently installed on the stroller or it can be removed and repositioned if necessary. Afterwards, the Rockit can be inserted and removed effortlessly. You can also purchase spare brackets in case you wish to use one on an alternative stroller, stroller, or buggy. The video at the bottom of the page shows how easy it is to install.
Does the Rockit work with all different brands of stroller?
Yes, we think so. We designed a universal bracket (included in every box) to accommodate tubes of all sizes and shapes. To perfect the bracket, our lead designer spent countless hours testing it on more than 40 strollers. There are always new products coming onto the market, so there is no way to give a 100% guarantee on this, but we do think that the Rockit will fit somewhere on any stroller.
What age child can I use the Rockit with?
You can use the Rockit with children as young as birth up to around 3 years old. As our own children still slept in the stroller when they were three, we believe it will remain useful for several years if purchased at birth.
Is the rocking motion safe?
Definitely. Our rocking motion is based on the way parents rock their children by hand. Studies have shown that the vibration level closely resembles hand rocking from a stroller and that the gentle movement is gentler than walking over paving stones with a stroller.
Can I use the Rockit on a crib?
We designed and tested the Rockit to fit strollers. It provides an extra hand while out and about. Intetk, a global product testing company, tested Rockit extensively for safety and found that a tired parent could mount it on a bar inside the cot, where the baby could catch clothes on it. Our goal is to maintain the highest level of safety for all our products, so we are not able to recommend it for use on cribs or bassinets.
Why is there a 30 minute timer on the Rockit?
The Rockit is not meant to keep a child sleeping for an extended period of time. This device is designed to help soothe a baby and help them drift off to sleep when the stroller stops.
Can the Rockit be used in the rain?
This Rockit is water-resistant (tested to IPX1). Do not expose it to prolonged or heavy rain.
How do I get the best battery life from the Rockit?
1) Always use Alkaline batteries that are of good quality. Some cheap batteries work only in low-drain items, such as remote controls and clocks. High-quality alkaline batteries, on the other hand, should last longer. 2) Rechargeable batteries can be used. NiMH rechargeable batteries last longer than alkaline batteries and only cost a few cents per recharge. 3) The Rockit should be mounted vertically (with the top button pointing up). If it is mounted horizontally, the battery life will be shortened. 4) Use the dial on the bottom to slow the speed down. There are times when the best rock can be achieved at a slower speed. Fast does not always equal great!
Can I buy additional brackets to fit the Rockit to other strollers?
Yes, these can be ordered from us – just click here
Is there a manufacture warranty?
Yes, there is a 6-month warranty against manufacture defects.